Friday, November 5, 2010

Assignment for 11/5

Algebra 2 
  • Classwork: The worksheet.  Work quietly on this in class, complete it over the weekend, and hand it in on Monday.  Show your work: attach any scrap paper you use for the problems.  Answers without work will not be credited.
AP Computer Science
  • Go to and click on "create account".
  • Fill out the form with your full name (so I know whose work I'm seeing.)
  • Click on "prefs", write "" in the "Share To" field and click "Share".  That lets me see your work.
  • Go back to the CodingBat main page, and click "Warmup-1" in the Java column.
  • Solve the following problems:
    • sleepin
    • monkeyTrouble
    • sumDouble
    • diff21
    • parrotTrouble
    • makes10
    • nearHundred
    • posNeg
    • intMax
  • These are due to be completed by Monday.

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